A.J. Kueterman

Mobile developer working to build beautiful, stable, and tested enterprise Android and iOS applications. Highly focused, detail oriented coder with a proven ability to deliver results for clients and product owners.

A.J. Kueterman | 1316 Morten St. Apt. 103 | Cincinnati, OH 45208 [email protected] | (937)-430-2785 | AJ on GitHub

Core Skills

Proficient in Java, Kotlin, Swift and Objective-C , used primarily in the development of Android and iOS client applications. In Android, extensive use of the MVVM model utilizing Android Architecture components like the Android ViewModel and LiveData.

Experience managing mobile applications through the entire SDLC, from the design and development of a feature, to testing, builds, deployment, and releases, and through maintenance and ongoing support. Experience working with both Google Play and the iOS App Store.

Up to date with current software development tools, and always looking at the next thing to help improve how I build software.

And if thereโ€™s time, some stuff I like.

Work History

Senior Application Developer - Fifth Third Bank

(June 2016 โ†’ Present)

  • Developed key application features for major business initiatives in both Android and iOS including core bank Payments and Transfers functionality, Zelle features like Request and Split, and more.
  • Support major Fifth Third Bank consumer applications including Fifth Third Mobile Banking (iOS/Android), and
  • Experience as project Technical Lead on major Consumer Bank business initiatives impacting applications across the business
  • Continually improving the applications through testing, Gradle and Jenkins build process improvements, and managing seamless releases across apps.
  • Developer advocate through Android Developer Chapter

Developer, IT Leadership Program - Fifth Third Bank

(June 2014 โ†’ June 2016)

  • Worked for the Fifth Third Bank Mobile Application team, building major application features including Paperless Statements, New User Help, and more for both the iOS and Android applications in Objective-C and Java
  • Built new features, including an OTP Verification Solution for Commercial Call Centers, for the Fifth Third Direct Commercial Portal in Java using Wicket, Angular.js and Spring
  • Worked as a Developer, Business Analyst, and Project Manager across several IT Lines of Business on key strategic initiatives

Developer - Teradata

(May 2013 โ†’ August 2013)

  • Upgraded SSO solution for intranet applications using JavaScript and JSP
  • Migrated database functionality to enterprise servers and wrote updated PL/SQL jobs

IT Intern - United Technologies Aerospace

(May 2012 โ†’ August 2012)

  • Upgraded remaining on-site PCโ€™s from Windows XP to Windows 7
  • Updated upgrade process to manage increased workload and simplify imaging process


University of Dayton

(August 2010 โ†’ May 2014)

Graduated with a Bachelorโ€™s of Science in Computer Information Systems and a Minor in Cyber Security.

Served as Vice President and President of the University of Dayton chapter of the Association of Computing Machinery. 2012โ†’2014

Other Projects


fuzZzy is an iOS sound machine built for simplicity and reliability that I created to help myself get to sleep while traveling.

Technologies/Tools Used: Swift, CocoaPods, App Store In App Purchases, Affinity Designer


OctoNote is an iOS note taking app with powerful markdown support that saves your notes as GitHub gists.

Technologies/Tools Used: Swift, CocoaPods, OAuth2, TextKit, App Store In App Purchases, Affinity Designer

Fit Foods Coach

Fit Foods Coach is an Android app with an AWS back-end that enables easy food replacement on a meal plan. Select the food youโ€™re supposed to eat on your plan, and Fit Foods Coach suggests replacement foods that have similar macros.

Technologies/Tools Used: Kotlin, AWS Mobile SDK, Google Play Store Subscriptions, Affinity Designer

Base11 Studios Site

Base11 Studios is a small app development shop in Cincinnati. Iโ€™m one of three developers on the team working on mobile projects - both personal and client driven.

One of my first projects on the team was a site re-design. I built the Base11 Studios site as one of my first team projects.

Technologies/Tools Used: Jekyll (Liquid, Markdown, HTML/CSS), GitHub Pages, Affinity Designer

Contact Me & References

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly via my email, here on (my networks below), or by phone/voicemail.

References will be provided upon request.

(Bonus) Stuff I Like

  • Atom for text editing and JavaScript
  • Markdown and Caret for note-taking and wiki-making (also this CV)
  • Github Pages for hosting my site, and Tumblr for hosting my gifs!
  • Building websites using static site generators Jekyll and Gatsby JS
  • Designing icons, UX layouts, and other vector illustrations using Affinity Designer
  • Building pixel art with Piskel
  • Movies, TV, music, and obsessively listening to podcasts for my news and entertainment

If you need this document in a different format than you are viewing it, please reach out and Iโ€™ll get you the markdown/PDF/HTML that you need.