Little Films

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Apple does this incredibly effective thing where they put advertisements from TV up online and market them as films and yet they are always so well made it’s hard to argue with that description.

Shot on iPhone

My favorite series that they did over the last few years was the Shot on iPhone 6 series of ads, where they simply aired 15 second videos made by iPhone users as TV spots. Most of the videos highlighted the then-new slow motion or time-lapse video features, but all of them were visually stunning and excitingly punchy ads.

I pulled out a few of my favorites that were aired.

Trond K

Hajime I

Jin C

Araby P

I love these videos because they inspire anyone who has a smartphone to go make a film. The only tool you really need is in your pocket. Not only that, but each ad shows how you can tell a story in a single shot that may span only a dozen seconds. Something about breaking it down to that achievable level makes you want to go out and do it yourself.

That’s exactly what I did.

A.J. K.

Might not be time lapse of an incredible mountain range or drone-enabled photography of a seagull, but it managed to make ‘art’ out of an everyday commute, which I thought was exciting.

What Else

I didn’t just write this article to point out how I made a video that I’m still proud of - although it’s definitely partly that - I also just wanted to share the emotional strength of a beautiful picture or video. Regardless of the grandeur of our daily surroundings, there’s always a way to find beauty. When it can be captured and shared, all the better.

It might be hard to separate the monolithic corporation from the high-minded, free-thinking vision of these ads, but if you can what you see is some beautiful memories captured by people all around the world. The romantic idea that we are all connected by a beautiful and benevolent device is alluring at least.

So let yourself appreciate the beautiful work of your iPhone-enabled peers, and remember to stay true to the vision. The camera is a liar but it can spin some beautiful tales.