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The Lego Saturn V launched just last month to universal excitement and praise, and it has been damn near impossible since to snag one firsthand. Just another success story from the Lego Ideas project, the website that allows Lego fans to design their own Lego sets. Users can search for and vote on their favorite designs, and the winning designs get an official treatment from Lego.

The Lego Ideas project that became the Saturn V set. saturn v project

The final set saturn v

I took a look through the current selection of up and coming Lego Ideas sets and pulled out a few of my favs just for kicks. Take a look and be sure to vote on the ones you like.

NASA Space Shuttle

Landing Shuttle

Obviously looking to capitalize on the success of the Saturn V, the NASA Space Shuttle set idea is simply that. The space shuttle has been designed to be equal in scale (1/110) to the Saturn V, and includes seven shuttle crew members in flight and spacewalking suits as well as the Canadarm shuttle arm.


The set is pretty cool, it’s biggest flaw probably being that Lego already released a space shuttle set with similar features.

Shuttle Comparison

The results are promising for now though, so check it out to see what you think.


This set is an interesting one, and one of the most complex I came across during my rundown. It’s called Anatomini, and it’s a large-scale minifigure including enclosed skeleton and internal organs.

Main Image

I think this set is awesome, and the complexity of the internal organs and technic skeleton make it look like an awesome build. That said, I doubt its feasibility with Lego proper. It might be pushing it with the general vibe of Lego.


Something about tearing open the ribcage of a minifig to find the anatomically correct guts inside seems a bit too adult or physical for a full scale $200+ Lego set.


All that said, I’m rooting for it!

Old Diner with Arcade

The next set that caught my eye was this 80’s style Diner/Arcade set, roughly in the style of the Modulars sets.

Main diner pic

This set is here largely in part to its awesome set rendering. I’m not sure what rendering tools are used by set builders site-wide, but this one is one of the most beautiful.

full interior

Truly, just look at the lighting and detail on these close up shots. They are impossibly pristine.

close up shot

One more, hard to stop staring at that shine.

milkshake maker

The set is lighthearted and intricate, and would be an amazing minifig-scaled build for those Modular fans. If I had any critique it would be the size. I would hope for a slightly bumped-up scale when Lego refines. I have a lot of love and support for this set. Check it out.

Great White Shark

The ocean’s most feared predator, now floating an inch above your coffee table.

main shark photo

As I have grown older I’ve started to gravitate to the more mature-looking sets like Lego Architecture or certain Ideas sets like the Lego Ideas Birds set. That’s the vibe of this set, while retaining the fun with a well-placed minifig.

front shark photo

This particular Ideas designer also has a few other cool sharks sets that would be worth the look as well. The Great White is just the de-facto favorite.


hammerhead photo

Orca and Penguins

orca photo

I hope you check these sets out and browse for your own favorites on the Ideas site. For Lego fans, browsing the creativity of the community is a lot of fun, and the possibility that your favorites could someday be in your hands is an exciting prospect.

The ones that made it

To wrap it up, check out these awesome sets that are already in Lego Review status. They’re all awesome designs and I hope the powers that be pick some good ones.

Vokswagen Golf MK1 GTI

vw golf

The Iron Giant

iron giant

Rey’s Speeder UCS

reys speeder