HN Digest - September 2017

1 minute read

These are the Hacker News stories that caught my eye in September.

Pollen: the book is a program

Pollen is a way to build better online textbooks built with Racket. I really liked one of the author’s books built on Pollen, Practical Typography, which was a beautiful and useful guide to using typography.

macOS High Sierra

Not much of a story maybe, but counts as news - macOS High Sierra was released to all current Macs.

Why Wages Aren’t Growing

Advocates of free enterprise like to say hard work should be rewarded, but in today’s corporate culture, that simply isn’t the case. While CEOs are often compensated, at least in part, on their companies’ overall success, regular employees, who arguably are as responsible as executives for that success, are often not. According to a 2017 report from PayScale Inc., which specializes in compensation data, three-fourths of executives, directors, and managers in surveyed companies were given bonuses, while less than half of hourly workers were.


Want to experience 60fps augmented reality but don’t feel like downloading a mobile app? AR.js boasts being able to run AR at these silky smooth framerates in your mobile browser - and all in 10 lines of code!

YC’s Essential Startup Advice

Check the bullet point at the bottom for the essential advice distilled, then read more in the article and their sources. Launch now!

Thin NPR

Sometimes lightweight is nice. Sometimes style is overrated. News is still good. Check out the NPR site with no fuss.