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First, a moment to say Hello World! yet again as I rebuild this blog once more :)

I’ve been consuming Hacker News voraciously and done a lot more long reading in the last month or so. I came across a few good articles to share that I just haven’t gotten a chance to share yet. I’m just going to toss them in here as a list of recommendations.

The Secret Origin Story of the iPhone

This is an excerpt from a book by Brian Merchant - “The One Device: The Secret History of the iPhone”. The book is a deep look at how the iconic device got made. I was in rapture as I read this excerpt on The Verge, and I immediately went out and pre-ordered it. I’ll try to do a mini-review of the whole work after I get to read it.

From the first few chapters I can tell you its not just the politics and intrigue of the iPhone’s creating at Apple, but also a sprawling investigation into the physical construction of the iPhone and its impact on the world.

The Finish Tomb for Nuclear Waste

This was a really awesome article I ran across on HN a few weeks ago. It is a story about the construction of a massive permanant nuclear waste storage facility being built on Olkiluoto Island in western Finland. The repository, called Onkalo, is built to last for 100,000 years - enough time to allow the toxic waste within de-radiate. It’s an eerie tale about human discovery and the ramifications.

Android ViewModel

The thing that has my attention the most coming out of Google I/O was the substantial architecture changes coming to Android in O. This link is basically a reminder for myself to learn more about it and hopefully share how I use it in my own development. For now, take a look at what they can do for yourself.

The one minute gist is you can now have Lifecycle-aware components that survive for the lifecycle of your activity and can be used to manage data for your Activities and their Fragments in a much cleaner and safer way then the previous patterns. Implement a ViewModel and implement listeners to its members and you can create clean reactive Fragments easily.

That’s it for now…

More to come with this blog. For now it’s a simpler more cleaner site setup that I can hopefully be vigilant in updating moving forward. Thanks for reading.