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Google I/O 2018

2 minute read

The last two weeks have been an immersion in Android. A lot of cool stuff to work on at work and Google I/O stirring the pot with all the new stuff to explo...

Lazy Type Logos

2 minute read

My friends like to joke with me that I’m too invested in the β€œ2D World” when I spend hours of free time learning some new development framework or building a...

Week Off

less than 1 minute read

I promised myself I would write a blog post every single week for my Weekly Obsession series. This is my post for the week of April 23rd-30th 2018. I’m thr...

Momentum Cincinnati

3 minute read

This has been a weird week. I’ve had a slow work week and little motivation for cranking out code or diving into any topic for longer than a few hours.

Templato - An Example Android App

3 minute read

I recently updated my templato-android repository to the latest Android API’s. Which to me warrants a blog post because it means I care enough about the pro...