Weekly Obsession

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Like all of us I’m a consumer of media. Every day I’m reading news and resources for my job, listening to music, podcasts, and audiobooks, and watching television shows and sometimes movies. Almost all of these things I’m doing almost every day.

When I was a kid I was inpsired by movies and went out to make them with my friends, then I went to school and being inspired by editing software and games I decided to try to make those too. Now, I’m voraciously reading news and blogs from writers and programmers and I feel this compulsion to contribute to that world as well.

Now I was never a famous director, nor am I a famous coder, and I doubt I’ll become a famous author or writer - but I immensely enjoy all of these endeavors and I hope this effort will yield similar results.

Weekly Obsession

With that in mind, today I’m launching a new site category and tag called Weekly Obsession, a thread in which I’ll record weekly thoughts on the topic holding my attention each week.

I’ve always been a bit of a generalist, obsessing on new topics regularly and diving deep just long enough for a new thing to come along and grab my attention.

It can be both a strength and a weakness, and that will probably be reflected in the posts in this thread. Sometimes I’ll be publishing longer and more in-depth articles, while other weeks will be more fragmented and matter-of-fact.

I’ll be learning as I write, so I appreciate anyone who follows along week to week. Hopefully you’ll watch me improve and won’t be tweeting at me that it’s been a month since my last weekly obsession.


Here’s the kinds of things I’ve gotten obsessed with in the past, as a potential prediction of what will grab my attention in the future.

  • Java and Swift libraries for Android and iOS, respectively
  • Mobile and web design, illustration and drawing
  • Jekyll, GitHub Pages, and other static site build tools
  • Television and movies, cinematography
  • Science topics, like space, anthropology and evolutionary biology, environment
  • Writing, books - mostly non-fiction
  • Entrepreneurship, mostly in building software businesses and services
  • Star Wars, sci-fi and fantasy fiction
  • Introspection and philosophy

Look forward to my first post early next week. Let’s get obsessed!